Integration Guide

Follow below steps to connect Shopify stores with your Slack accounts with the help of Connectify app. You must have shopify store and installed Connectify app from shopify app store.

Add To Slack

Automate Slack with Connectify

Login to Connectify and go to the "Automate" tab, Chose the Slack Connector from the list and click the "Connect" button.


Connect To Slack Account

Click the "Continue with connectify" button and login to the Slack account.


Map Shopify data fields to Slack form inputs

Select Slack Account from the channel accounts. Select a Slack Event from the dropdown. Then map Shopify Fields to the Slack form fields.


Test Webhook

You can test your automation by clicking on "Test Action" button. It will be appeared after saving configuration.


Track your Automations

Go to the "Logs" tab. Here you can track your automation and also see rather your automation is success or failed.