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Key Features
Platform Integrations - Trigger & Automate You Flow - Log, Export & Reference

Platform Integrations

Connectify connects your Shopify data to other platforms within minutes. Platforms which we support include Google Sheets and slack.

Trigger & Automate You Flow

Trigger events based on actions within Shopify. You have the ability to decide which actions will be sent to 3rd party platforms.

Log, Export & Reference

Events are logged and can be reviewed, exported and printed for future review and use. Complete Logging Supported!

Afforable Pricing


$0 per month
  • 2 Channels
  • 2 Active webhooks
  • 200 tasks per month
  • 7 Days log Retention


$19 per month
  • 6 Channels
  • 10 Active webhooks
  • 1000 tasks per month
  • 7 Days log Retention
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